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Belize Work Permit

Who may apply for a Belize work permit?

  • Anyone seeking employment in Belize.


  • Once a work permit has been acquired a person is able to remain in Belize for an extended period of time while being gainfully employed at the same time. It is the second step towards applying for residence status in Belize. Once you have acquired residence in Belize, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after five years.


  1. Application Form (We will provide this)
  2. Passport Copies of entire passport (including all blank pages)
  3. Eight (8) Passport Photographs
  4. Police Record from last place of residence.
  5. Police record from Belize
  6. Recommendation from Village Council/Town Board where business will be located
  7. Recommendation from Belize Tourism Board or Relative Agency if the business is Tourism oriented (we can assist with arranging an appointment)
  8. Belize Local Corporation Documents
  9. Information regarding local bank account for Local Corporation
  10. Belize Trade License depending where the business will be located. The business will need to have a physical location to be inspected for trade license approval.
  11. New Local Companies are required to submit a Business Plan to be vetted by the Ministry of Economic Development/BELTRAIDE before submitting application to Labour Department. We can assist in preparing a business plan.
  12. Certificates, Diplomas, Credentials, etc of applicant.
  13. Proof of funding of Business.
  • For Private Individuals – Kindly Request Appointment to discuss this matter.


  1. Applications are submitted to the Labour Department
  2. Applicants must have a valid passport and updated visa entry
  3. The Belize work permit is valid for only one year
  4. A Work Permit is not renewable. Applicants must apply every year (if required)
  5. After receiving your Work Permit, you are entitled to apply for Permanent Residence.


  1. The Local Company should be formed and the relevant licenses should be obtained and attached to the Business Plan before submitting application to BELTRAIDE.
  2. Once the Local Company approval has been received from BELTRAIDE applicants will be required to attend an interview with the Labour Department. All documents must be available at the interview.
  3. This process takes approximately 2 – 3 months before we receive a response from the Labor Department. We are to advise that additional documents may be requested by the Labour Department at a later date depending on the nature of the business
  4. During this time you will be required to extend your passport stamp with the Immigration Department.
  5. Once the application is approved a fee of US $1,000.00 is to be paid to the Government at the Immigration Department.
  6. Once the application is approved, the business will be registered at the Income Tax Department and obtain its Trade Identification Number.
  7. Applicants will be required to apply for their Social Security Card in the district the business will be operating. Note: The social security card is only valid for one year.


Work Permit Processing fee in Belize City

US $ 780.00

Administrative & Miscellaneous Expenses
(Courier, Telephone, Stamp, Photocopy, Labour Dept. Fee, Fax)

US $ 75.00


US $ 855.00

Total Due

US $ 855.00

If the business will be operating in a District other than the Belize District additional fees will be required.


The cost to re-apply is as follows:

Processing Fee US $ 500.00
Administrative Fee US $   60.00
Total Due US $ 560.00
The Annual Fees to be paid to the Government upon approval of the permit is $2,000.00 BZE


Trade License Application Fee

US $ 200.00

(A non-refundable fee of BZ$150.00 must accompany the application. Please note that there will be a separate fee levied once the trade license has been approved). This fee is generally calculated based on the size of your office space for your business.
• We may accompany you at the Labour Department for a small fee.

US $ 150.00

*Note these fees will vary if the application is made outside the district of Belize.