Belize IBC


There are many benefits to forming an offshore company in Belize. The include:

a) Asset Protection – It affords protection against frivolous lawsuits by separating ownership of assets,

b) Competitive Price – Affordable when compared to other jurisdictions.

c) Confidentiality – No information regarding the Names of Shareholders or Directors are made public,

d) Ease of MInd – No public filing requirements, No need for annual returns or audited financials,

e) Tax Minimization – The Belize Offshore Company is not subject to any taxes in Belize, and

f) Shareholding made easy – Bearer shares are available to owners.

Belize IBC – Purpose

A Belize Offshore Company can:

a) own and maintain bank accounts both in Belize and Internationally,

b) own shares in other offshore entities,

c) act as a Director of any other entity,

d) carry on general commercial transactions,

e) hold investment securities offshore,

f) own properties (Real Estate transactions),

g) act as a corporate trustee, and

h) own ships and other vessels.


Flexibilities & Easy Maintenance


a) A Belize IBC is not subject to exchange control restrictions,

b) Can be established within 24 hrs (1 Day Incorporation),

c) Minimal Capital Requirements,

d) Only 1 Shareholder is required,

e) Only 1 Director is required, the Director does not need to be resident in Belize,

f) Nominee Services are available,

g) Standard share capital is $50,000.00.

g) There is no requirement for annual general meetings,

h) When requested, meetings can be held in any country,

i) Proxy voting is available for members.

j) Can be owned by persons under the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), and

k) Directors and Shareholders can be the same person.



A Belize Offshore Company cannot:

a) Carry on business with residents in Belize,

b) Carry on banking business,

c) Provide registered office services,

d) hold shares, stocks, or other securities in a local company,

e) issue its shares, or stock to any person or entity in Belize.



a) Completed Application Form

b) Copy of Passport of Directors and Shareholders

c) Bank Recommendation for Directors and Shareholders,

d) Professional Recommendation for Directors and Shareholders,

e) Copy of Utility Bills,

**** Important Facts:

a) The term “Belize IBC” is used interchangeably with the term Belize Offshore Company,

b) Annual fees are due to be paid by the 31st of July, starting from the second year of incorporation,

c) The word “limited”, “corporation”, “incorporation”, “Sociedad Auonima”, or abbreviations thereof being”Ltd,”, “Inc”, “S.A”, has to be used as a corporate suffice for the company.

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