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Belize Title Search

Before purchasing any property in Belize, it is highly recommended that a title search be conducted by our company in order to ensure that the property is not mortgaged or encumbered in any way.

Our team of professionals will provide you with a very detailed and comprehensive title search regarding any property in Belize. Our title searches include:

a) A complete title search going back 20 years,
b) A copy of survey map or Registry index map (if available)
c) Judgement Search

The title searches usually takes approximately 2 – 8 days to complete depending on the type of title held by the Vendor.

We will also be required to complete a Judgment Search at the Supreme Court Registry in respect of all Vendors to verify that there is no enforcement proceedings in progress against the particular vendor and that there are no pending injunctions.

Judgement Search                              US                                                                $150.00

Title Search for Declared Land
$  150.00
Title Search for Undeclared Land
$  500.00